Flavio Foradini

Flavio Foradini is the CEO of E4tech Software.
He specialises in building physics, sustainable buildings design and related software development. He leads our work on sustainable buildings and software development. He also has expertise in renewable energy projects and planning. Flavio has worked on these issues with industry, government and academic institutions. He has participated in a variety of Swiss and European research and development projects. He is a member of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA) and sits on the panel of SIA2031, SIA2044, SIA380/2 and SIA380 commissions. Flavio has authored many journal and conference papers, and has participated as an expert evaluator for DG TREN for EU Framework Projects. Flavio is vice president of the Building Innovation Cluster of Fribourg Canton. He speaks French, English, Italian, German and Spanish.

Building physics and Sustainable Buildings design, in particular indoor air quality, ventilation and thermal analysis. Related software applications. Energy systems renewable and non renewalable.

Jean-Pierre Eggiman

Jean-Pierre Eggimann is a Senior Consultant. At E4tech, he works on the LESOSAI software and provides training on the use of this software. Jean-Pierre holds a Master's degree in Engineering Physics (1984) as well as a Ph.D. in Physics (1990) from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). He is highly experienced in the area of building energy savings and has participated in numerous EPFL research programs on this topic. He is the main author of the LESOSAI software and has participated in the development of the software since 1984. Jean-Pierre works part time at E4tech. Jean-Pierre speaks French and some German, English and Italian.

Building physics and software development, deep knowledge of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA) standards and MINERGIE® requirements, customer training.

Raffaella Chanson-Candiloro

Raffaella Chanson-Candiloro. After training in architecture and construction, she received a degree in Media Management from the Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et de Gestion du Canton de Vaud (School of Business and Engineering Vaud). Raffaella brings her long standing interest in sustainable buildings as well as her experience in customer service and training to her role as Sales Engineer, supporting E4tech’s suite of software tools.

Communications, IT, requirements analysis, market research

Didier Favre

Developper. He worked in the integration of different Swiss and international standard in Lesosai. He is also an expert in BIM/BEM communication in different formats like IFC, gbXML and BCF. 

Georg Tusch

unterstützt das E4tech Team seit März 2017. Er stammt aus Österreich wo er die Ausbildung zum HLK Ingenieur gemacht hat. Seit 15 Jahren lebt er in der Schweiz, seit 2007 her arbeitet im Bauphysi Software Sektor, im Bereich Support und Verkauf zuständig. Seine Aufgabe ist der Verkauf und auch die Betreuung der deutsch – Schweizer Kunden.

Darika Phophan

Darika Phophan is based in Lausanne. She studied at Silpakorn University of Fine Arts in Bangkok. She is responsible for design and communication.